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We make scrapping your car easy, as all cars can be collected by us for free from anywhere in the Yorkshire region. We’ll pay top prices and will even collect it in the same day, with a prompt payment made via cheque or BACS transfer. All we require is a Photo ID (either a driving licence or passport with recent utility bill) and the vehicle’s log book.
Our team is fully trained and we’re a fully registered Authority Treatment Facility, so you know you’re in safe hands with us. We have the capacity to fully scrap more than 200 cars a week and that includes thorough de-pollution and recycling of all materials.

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Our bit for the Environment

At Bradford Waste Traders, we do our bit for the environment to ensure that all materials that can be recycled are thoroughly stripped of all fuels and fluids. That includes all oils, water coolant, washer fluid, shock absorber fluid, oil filters, batteries, mercury switches, air bags, tyres, and AC gases.
Safe disposal of these materials greatly benefits our environment and we’re committed to proper removal of them every time we scrap a car. The steel and other metals that are used to build vehicles can be used to build more cars or plenty of other products, so we ensure all materials are recycled from every vehicle.

Why Choose us to Scrap Your Car?

Not only do we offer fair and fast payment but our operations are geared towards doing right by the planet and our environment.

Bradford Waste Traders

Payments Within the Hour

We can deliver instant payment upon vehicle collection, with a cheque or immediate BACS transfer.

Bradford Waste Traders

We’ll Come and Collect It

A member of our friendly team will arrange to collect your can when it’s most convenient for you.

Bradford Waste Traders

You Only Need a Log Book and ID

Prove your ownership of a vehicle with a log book and provide photo ID. If you use a passport then please bring an up-to-date utility bill too, and if you’re using your driving licence, please ensure it is a photo card. Once we’ve seen the relevant documents we’ll be ready to take your car away.

BradFord Waste Traders

Contact Us

We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have about scrapping your car. Let us know how we can help you by using our contact form or giving us a call.

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